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Update: August 2008

our little precious darling has arrived!

July 2008

Dearest family and friends,

It's been over a year since our wedding celebration(s).
Lots have happened for us since then! Where should we begin...

Over the past year, we have been shopping for our new house, and after 6 months of search, we finally found our home!  We got our keys on June 1 and have been busy painting and packing.  We offically moved into our new home mid-June.  Yes, we got to celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary in our new home, it was very nice indeed.  That was a big milestone for us this past year.

Yet a bigger milestone - we are expecting our first child - soon!  Very soon!  As we type this, we are almost in our 38th week of pregnancy, and baby is due any day now.  When he joins us in this world, we hope to provide the update asap, hence this update is in preparation of that exciting moment. 

So this has been a very exciting year for us indeed; and we thought planning and celebrating our wedding 3 times over 2 continents were stressful and exciting.  We are ready to slow down our pace of life. It's all good things and we have ALOT to be thankful for.

So check back soon - his photos and updates will be here: Our Baby.

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Andrew, Joyce and soon-to-arrive-baby

September 2007


Dearest family and friends,

We did it!  We are now officially married – 3 weddings over 2 continents, and our honeymoon in another.  We visited Rome, Greece, Venice, Florence, London for our honeymoon and are now back to living life.  We had an extremely wonderful time and are now looking forward eagerly to the next chapter of our lives.

Welcome to our new site!
We needed a site where we can post the many photos we took of the festivities of the past months and the many wonderful things that happen in our lives ... so here it is *smile*.  We are more photographers than writers, so we will post updates of our lives in pictures. This will be our photo blog, so check back often.

We would like to see all the photos you took during our wedding day and of us!  We will be compiling albums and would like to include the ones you took.  If you have an online album, please send us an invite or link.  We have also created an account where you can upload photos -
email address: andrewNjoyce@
password: celebrate
Also, if you can, please burn the photos onto a CD and mail it to us. Once again, a BIG thank you to each and every one of you for making our wedding day, and more importantly, our lives, so very special.  We love you all very much!

Andrew and Joyce

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